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What is s(H)e?









s(H)e - the docuseries

looking into humanity through a feminist lens

s(H)e is a project founded by four undergraduate students at Sciences Po Paris (Le Havre campus) in February 2019. It is based on the belief that the feminist movement is in dire need of more dialogue on issues that usually are usually not covered by mainstream media and that bring to the fore intersectional perspectives. 

s(H)e's aim is to give people a platform to voice their opinions and to enable exchange within diverse communities. In order to fulfill our mission, we root our project in four core values:


  1. Intersectionality: All our episodes aim to move away from white feminism and represent a more diverse set of opinions and beliefs. 

  2. Inclusivity: People from all backgrounds/identifications/etc. are welcome.

  3. Safe Space: Participants must feel 100% comfortable at all times. 

  4. Dialogue: Our episodes should lead to an increase in dialogue & exchange not only between the participants during production, but also within audiences.

Until now, s(H)e has kickstarted different initatives that all stem from using (social) media in new ways. our projects include: 

  • ​Episodes: Our regular episodes can be found on our youtube channel and on our website. they are usually between 10-30mins in length and tackle a specific intersectionally feminist issue with a diverse set of participants.

  • Rant series: Our rant series is an initative kickstarted by s(H)e x Le Havre and allows participants to react to a provocative prompt in a short self-filmed video.

As a student-led project, we aim to expand globally by building up regional chapters and bringing more intersectional and diverse topics into feminist discussions. 

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