s(H)e  stems from the core values of intersectionality, dialogue, safe space & diversity. See below for the impact we have had on our communities.


Cheska, Philippines

This is a really good advocacy <3 its nice that someone has the courage to speak up.

Leesa, USA

i want to congratulate you guys on creating such a powerful and important platform for dialogue on our campus. i think out of all the different initiatives i saw being taken while at sciences po, this might be the one i admire most. i just watched a few consecutively and they're so well made and, as i already said, powerful.

so thank you for your time and effort on this!

Sarah, France

J'adooooore votre nouvelle épisode SHE avec les garcçons!!!!!

Brynn, USA

I really like the s(H)e project :) I've been following your videos on YouTube!

Xavier, France

I'm following your s(H)e journey and I find it amazing

Maroussia, France

I'm so respectful for everything you've accomplished and all the energy you put into these projects. Thank you! I learnt and discovered a lot thanks to you.

Mathilde, France

Thank you for giving this opportunity to share my feelings!